Application of euphemism reflection of cultures

Inspired by the newly introduced theories, some Chinese scholars expanded the scope of euphemism study into the perspective of social functions. Many linguists think that the definition of euphemism needs to be framed in a broad sense.


Minitrue, Minipax, Miniluv, and Miniplenty. The names of the tabooed subjects as the dead, and the animals that are hunted or feared, may also be euphemized this way.

From the above we can conclude that unconscious euphemisms were developed so long ago that few can remember their original motivations. Insert text here Question 6 Identify someone in your project team that has different views, skills and experience this may or may not be someone you find difficult to work with.

With the arrival of foreign linguistic theories in China since s, Chinese scholars have published a large number of essays and books which focus on euphemism from different perspectives and systematically summarize the causes of its production, way of composition, classification, and pragmatic principles of composition as well as its social functions.

Journal of Ningbo University educational science edition. Many linguists and scholars have studied this linguistic phenomenon from the perspectives of rhetoric, semantics, pragmatics and sociolinguists. The Negotiated Performance Appraisal NPA is a tool for improving communication between supervisors and subordinates and is particularly useful as an alternate mediation model because it preserves the hierarchical power of supervisors while encouraging dialogue and dealing with differences in opinion.

Political euphemism is similar to political propaganda in that both aim at persuading and influencing the public.

The Power of Communication: A Reflection on Euphemism

Part of the pre-caucus also includes coaching and role plays. This thesis aims to help people to understand and translate euphemisms much better.

Combination of the Initial Letters: Many linguists think that the definition of euphemism needs to be framed in a broad sense. Make your assessment with regards to your work output i.

A comparative Study of English Euphemism and Chinese Euphemism

Euphemism literally means good or pleasant speech. As a hot research issue in the field of linguistics, it needs a concise and definite criterion to judge the scope of euphemism. That is the reason why they are extremely favored by politicians.

Generally speaking, it is obvious that the religious belief has taken a sharp impact on euphemisms and their evolution and oppositely, the outcome of euphemisms has contributed to the harmonization and balance of culture in a large extent.

From the 70s to the 80s of the 20th century, western theories of linguistics were introduced into China in succession. In the early stage of human society, people had difficulty in distinguishing between names and things to which they referred, regarding such names as intrinsic properties or parts of their referents.

It is widely known that atomic bomb experiments are mainly intended to test the extensiveness and effectiveness of its execution, but such a euphemistic name hides their nature. Chapter Seven is a conclusion, which pointes out that society is in a constant state of development and change, so is language.

Term Paper Application of Euphemism: Reflection of Cultures Introduction Euphemism is “example of the use of pleasant, mild or indirect words, or phrases in place of more accurate or direct ones” (Oxford for Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese dictionary page ). The intellectual exploration of phenomenological and psychiatric discovery that has flowered in the Caribbean in the period of political independence from British colonization is a reflection of.

A Comparative Study of English Euphemism and Chinese Euphemism ABSTRACT Euphemisms are mild, agreeable, or roundabout words used in place of coarse, painful, or offensive ones.

The term comes from the Greek, eu meaning “well” or “sounding good” and pheme meaning “speech”. Euphemism literally means good or pleasant speech. The Cultural Connotation of Euphemisms After having a basic understanding of the concept of euphemism as well as its formative devices, it is no wonder for us to find that euphemism is deeply rooted in our daily life and daily language.

Euphemism is the substitution of an inoffensive expression for one considered offensively explicit. Euphemism is the substitution of an inoffensive expression for one considered offensively explicit.


Euphemism (Words) Search the site "The 'reconstruction' of New Orleans has become a euphemism for the destruction of the city's cultural and. popular culture: a reflection of high culture. (By Leyla Oliveros Concha) Most of the time, those who are involved in academic contexts, try to figure out or establish which elements “deserve” being members of this essential part of the society called culture.

Application of euphemism reflection of cultures
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